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Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Health, Medicine, Painkiller | Comments Off on

Invention of the painkillers is no modern feat, since the various methods of relieving pain have been known to humanity for thousands of years. Still, it has never been easier and safer to go out and find yourself a painkiller that will help you and ease the trouble in your back, head or stomach. Depending on the source of the pain, you will need a different medicine, though, and choosing the right one for the specific type of pain and for your organism is very important. Doctor will most often prescribe you with a certain type of anesthetic, but it is important for you to know what you are taking and how it works.


This painkiller is best used to help with headaches and the pains that are not nerve-based. Even without the doctor’s prescription, you can buy and use this one since it is mild and safe.

Adults can use anywhere between 500 to 1000mg tablets up to four times every day without any fear of negative consequences since the side effects of this drug are very rare and almost non-existent, if you use it in a smart and safe way. Other way around, taking too much will have considerable side effects and if your pain is increasing even though you are using this drug, consult your doctor for a different painkiller rather than overstepping the dosage limits.


49643Standing for non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAID such as Ibuprofen and Diclofenac are a great way to treat an inflammation. They will do you good if you are troubled wit inflammatory condition such is sport injury or chronic arthritis.

This is not a light or harmless medicine, so you should always consult your doctor since overstepping the dosage or the length of therapy can have serious consequences for your internal organs. Long-term therapy with this kind of medicine is not recommended.


As a drug for itself, Codeine is not the best medicine as far as the pain goes, but combined with Paracetamol, it creates desirable painkiller effects.

Codeine is known to cause addiction so it is not something you can just buy on your own, you need a prescription. However, there are better solutions – mixing Codeine in small doses with Paracetamol in medicine such as Co-codamol is shown to give great results and since the Codeine level in this medicine is so low it can be sold without prescription while giving positive results.


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